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SWEATSHIRT NUBLOUSE - Thin material edition sewn from cotton - flexible, left side type SOFT TOUCH.

Finished with a high collar - it can be worn as a hood and clipped with a leather grip* ( It has a special hole in the neck)

- If you want the grip can be from eco-lather - please write a comment with this information.

A grips’ colors are optional. Each grip is unique when it comes to color and leather texture. The designer individually matches the grip so the sweatshirt you order can have a different color then on the photo.

FORM: Oversize. Pockets at the seams. Fitted sleeves with a hole for the thumb ( longer for draping)

COLOR: Golden olive; A pattern in collar: such as in the picture - because we use patterned material individual pieces may differ.

FABRIC: Cotton 92% elastane 8% ( possibility of shrinkage +/- 5%); density of cotton 240g/m2


  • total length: 60 cm
  • chest circuit: 118 cm
  • circuit in biceps: 30 cm


  • total length: 65 cm
  • chest circuit: 130 cm
  • circuit in biceps: 30 cm

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash at 30°C ( in the washing machine) in good detergents. Always take off the grip before the washing. Do not tumble dry.

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