It's a brand famous for its uninhibited, oversize form, stylish play and comfort of wearing.Soft fabrics and snuggling forms are characteristic for it. The brand has been recognisable thanks to a blouse with an infinity scarf which is pinned up with a seizer. That is what started it all.It is the blouse that has evolved into other forms – dresses and coats. The greatest showcase of Nubee are patterns. Patterns, usually authorial, are present in details (the inner part of infinity scarves), allover, and in the rescaled version, which reveals their visual power. Pattern is the essence of the brand, it introduces an element of originality and expressiveness into each styling.It is the pattern which stimulates creativity, puts you in the right mood and boosts confidence in the person who wears Nubee clothes. The world of the brand focuses on womens' power, their unrestrained creative energy, relations they have and their passion for life. On the other hand, the warmth of a house, its intimate, loose atmosphere are close to the brand. All kinds of relations are in the centre of Nubee's world. They give us the inspiration for creating and designing, it's them that need the appropriate frame, namely comfortable and eye-catching clothes, which allow feeling fine in every situation. Nubee stands for indigenousness and fair trade ideas in business. Clothes are designed and made in Poland.

Nubee Mum 

It is the line of clothes which faces mum's needs in various situations- breast-feeding, slinging the baby and those who just want to feel good, and stand out wearing beautiful, comfortable and original clothes made in Poland.
Solutions, which were offered in the blouses and dresses from Nubee mum line facilitate breast-feeding. The basis for their cut is the front panel that can be lifted and pinned up with a seizer (a leather belt used to pin up infinity scarves in Nubee's blouses ) while breastfeeding. All this makes feeding easy and unconstrained. The designer stands for one-size-fits-all idea so clothes with this solution will do their job both while pregnancy as well as after the period of breast-feeding. The functional cut is esthetic so the clothes become expressive. The reason for the raise of Nubee mum line was the need to support women in their maternity by offering comfortable, beautiful clothes which allow standing out. Nubee mum is also the will to make women feel good at the beginning of their maternal adventure as well as later on, because Nubeemum is also a Nubeewoman.

Nubee Eco manifesto means small steps, which lead to a greater change,
better choices and greater awareness



We are responsible - We care of the environment

Nubee acts responisbly. It takes actions, supporting less waste philosophy, which contributes to lessening the amount of trash that is ruing our planet. Nubee plans special events to draw attention to this global and rising problem.

We design and sew in the spirit of slow fashion

By creating good quality clothes which last longer, by sewing locally, working with local companies, small plants and manufactures the brand has enacted the premises of slow fashion.


We are pack ecologically

In the brand’s showroom in Lodz clothes are packed without the use of plastic. As for packing online orders, the brand has restrained the use of plastic material to the  minimum- it is only one poly mailer which protects the order in transport. Clients can choose the way their order is packed - they can decide for a new box or go for less waste option - a used box or an envelope made of recycled paper.The used boxes have  a special sticker. The Story of One Box project is to show what journey can a single carton have and how many people it can visit before it needs an exchange.

Sewing clothes 

Clothes which are made outside Nubee's studio, in a small collaborating sewing room, come to the magazine packed in big reusable bags. Unlike according to the standard procedure in single plastic bags.

Postindustrial waste

Most of the cutting waste goes to JiM, a foundation in Lodz which helps autistic children. The offcuts are used during workshops and the rest of them is reprocessed by a specialised local company.




A special ecological action is Jusia Less Waste project. It’s a special series of shirts, which are made of balk parts that are usually thrown away. What so far has been considered trash, has been used by Nubee and changed into a unique, valuable product with a message. Part of sale proceeds of this shirt series will be donated by Nubee to a foundation saving the planet.


Nubee's clients can choose a less waste packaging option for their order – if they do so, they get clothes packed in a used box. The project is to show what journey can a single carton make and how many people it can visit before it needs an exchange.